Friday, June 1, 2012

Spring in the Heartland

MARCIA POWELL --  Blog article (#7) – June 2, 2012

Picking up from my last blog of April 14th (to read earlier blog articles, go to, the BIG NEWS is the “merger” (technically, an affiliation) of The Affinity Exchange with Free Spirit Singles.  I recently wrote a 4-page history of The Affinity Exchange so that my clients could understand the why’s and wherefore’s of the recent changeover.  To make a long story short, FSS was my competitor/nemesis for ten years.  During these years, I would often say to myself, “If only I could talk with his computer programmer…”  Well, that is what I did last October in Clearwater, and dear Hermann duplicated my viewpoints on why the existing competitive situation was a lose-lose scenario.  He convinced Rob to propose an affiliation, we worked out the details, and the changeover occurred on May 12th!  

Moving thousands of profiles from one dating service to another wherein the sites are not the same is, as you can imagine, a computer programmer’s nightmare.  Thus, Hermann is the hero of the hour.  It wasn’t perfect, and we’re still handling “stuff,” but it’s working and my AE members (and myself!) are getting through the “trauma of change.”  Whew! 

Now I can get to work on some promotional ideas I have.  Of course, I hope all my friends will continue to refer their friends who are single and looking to  It’s a combined database with two different “portals.”  As usual, ANYONE can join.

I’ve been passing out flyers in the neighborhood for piano students.  Brenda Porter, a 60-year-old black lady, is my first student.  Love teaching her!

Does anyone remember when I lived in Eagle Rock, worked at a law firm downtown, bicycled to work, started the club for people who biked to work downtown, and was interviewed on NPR radio?  Yeah, well I bicycled most of my life until I moved to Hollywood and didn’t have room for a bike.  So now, many years later, I’m riding again.  Had to buy a brand new Schwinn (yellow-green, of course) in order to get the color and size I needed.  It had to be comfortable enough and have enough gears for me to be able to ride to my sister’s (20 miles) in event of not being able to drive.  About my 3rd ride, I put my foot wrong-way-to on the pedal and took a spill.  Two bloody knees!  (Felt like a 12-year-old.)  But I got right back on and didn’t let it deter me. 

I paid a guy with a roto-tiller to dig up my south yard.  I then dug trenches to create raised beds for the seeds.  I’ve planted radishes, beets, peas, broccoli, carrots, different kinds of lettuce; plus transplanting some tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and garlic brought to me by a friend.  A few plants are showing themselves, and I’ve started weeding.  Oh, the joy of pulling a weed out by the root!   My thought:  kids should be planting gardens and getting rewarded for getting the weeds out with roots intact (difficult, actually). 

On Memorial weekend, I drove to Jane’s for an impromptu weenie roast at the pond with my nephew and grand-niece.  As I drove past my 25 acres (green with alfalfa), it suddenly looked VERY big—way bigger than it had last January.  I realized it’s due to my yard gardening experience of dropping microscopic seeds into tiny holes.  When I start growing vegetables there, I am NOT going to be using a big tractor and planting machine.  Anyone know a young couple who wants to make a career as organic farmers?  (I’m serious… living in the Heartland is where it’s at.)

My yard now sprouts a lovely sign reading EAT YOUR YARD.  I’m compiling a list of people in my neighborhood who are growing veggies in their yard.  The 2nd meeting of my Survival Club will be on Monday.  Again, I recommend that everyone should watch the movie on and follow the “What To Do” recommendations.   My food storage project is up to about 3 weeks now.  Have some rice and beans… now have to learn how to cook ‘em! 

The weather here is positively entertaining!  I was shopping at my food co-op a few weeks ago when a sudden thunderstorm hit, followed by the tornado sirens going off, followed by a rainbow that looked like it sprouted from the parking lot!  A few days ago it was in the 90’s.  This morning it was in the 50’s.  The main thing we need is more rain. Now, how did that rain dance go… ?    I can water my yard garden, but we’re not set up to water a 25-acre field.

Went to a protest meeting regarding a coal company wanting to put a coal mine in the area here.  No way, Jose!  Wonder if I’ll have to put my body in front of a bulldozer …?!  Per the Thrive movie, people know how to build free-energy machines.  We just need to get the Banksters to stop suppressing the tech. 

As for my political work, it’s fascinating.  Ron Paul’s “submarine delegate strategy” is fascinating.  Meanwhile, I’m busy getting to know the Players in Champaign County.   Have attended a Teaparty event, and an Occupy meeting just to find out who they are and what they’re up to.  Part of my goal is to get these small diverse groups working together on the bigger issues.  I’ll be working on a couple of political campaigns.  The Illinois government is in sad shape, so that’ll continue to be an ongoing project.  Plus I want to participate in some way in the city and county government. 

So, dear friends, learn to grow food, see to your survival basics, pay more attention to your local government, get to know your neighbors, disconnect from the mega banks,  invest in silver, and, as the author of “Crisis by Design” says at the end of each chapter of his book, “Keep your ammo dry.”

Please stay in touch.

Love to all, Marcia             (818) 552-2211  cell