Saturday, August 20, 2011

MARCIA POWELL -- Blog article – August 20, 2011

Picking up from my last blog of July 17th, I enjoyed six days in a big house on the beach in North Carolina with a bunch of family. My sister Jane and her husband Don just celebrated their 50th anniversary! I flew Ashley out from Portland so she could spend some time with her Midwest family. Took a spill playing basketball one evening—bruised my cheek, ribs, and took some skin off my shoulder. I asked myself what you’re probably asking-- “What are you doing playing basketball at 67?!” Couldn’t come up with a logical answer…

Packed my car for the trip to Florida, put ‘er into gear, and… gravel started flying as the wheels spun into the sand under the gravel. Had to call a tow truck to pull it out! It spit gravel for the next 20 miles!

Made it to Orlando in time to have a lovely dinner with my cousin Beau and his friend Jill. In addition to being a talented pianist, composer, and arranger, I find now he is also a talented cook! I look forward to seeing him more during my stay in Florida.

I am renting a little room in my friend Sioux Hart’s little house—the one with the big alligator in the front yard. It is a couple of houses away from the Pinellas Trail—a great place to take my walks.

For those who don’t already know, the “Mecca” of Scientology is in Clearwater. People come there from all over the world for the upper levels. I’ve run into many old friends here and have now made numerous new friends.

My goal is to do the training and counseling needed to get onto upper level 7. It will probably take me till at least January, maybe longer. Once I accomplish that, I will take up residence in Illinois (Urbana).

My schedule is pretty intense—studying/counseling all day, and doing my work (Affinity Exchange) and life stuff in the evenings. Hard just to keep up with my email traffic, so if I don’t answer your communication right away, please understand.

The weekend of August 13th-14th, I flew from Tampa to Indianapolis, rented a car, and drove to Urbana, Illinois for my 50th High School Reunion!! It was fun connecting with people I hadn’t seen for 50 years! Stayed all night at Jane’s and drove/flew back the next day.

Speaking of Jane, I recently got to read her two books, “The Heron Stayed,” and “When the War Came to Hannah.” Although her target audience is young adults, every adult I know who have read them really like them. Go to and enter her name: Jane Creason, and they should come up. Also, while there, enter her son’s name, Todd Creason, as his new novel is there: “One Last Shot.” A very good read as well!

For those who know my daughter Ashley, she is preparing to leave on September 14th for a 3-month trip to Thailand where she will be training in Thai massage, plus some time to tour the country.

For my Scientology readers, I am making progress on my preparations for upper level 5. My next blog may well be when I start that level, as that will be a red-letter day!

Another accomplishment was making donations to the International Association of Scientologists and achieving the status of Patron. Many good things are achieved worldwide by these donations, so I’m proud to help mankind in this way.

Love to all, Marcia (818) 552-2211 cell