Saturday, April 14, 2012

Life in the Heartland

MARCIA POWELL -- Blog article (#7) – April 14, 2012

Two months since my last blog article… time flies when you’re having fun! Actually, I’m somewhat amazed how much I am enjoying life here in Urbana, Illinois. One factor is probably that I’m doing a lot of creating in numerous areas.

As I think most of you know by now, bringing sanity to government is my biggest passion. The Illinois Primary was March 20th. With the Ron Paul group, I ended up walking 3 different precincts—definitely a learning experience. A couple of years ago someone had sent me an article about how important precinct committemen are, and now I’m beginning to get subjective reality on that.

In the same way that Ron Paul, basically a Libertarian, is running as a Republican, I am “joining” the Republican party here and should soon be appointed as an official precinct committeeman. I start imagining what the world would be like if precinct captains actually took a lot of responsibility for the people in their precinct and their welfare along the eight dynamics. Little third dynamics within the larger groupings.

The “ex-officio” head of the Ron Paul group graduated and got a job in DC, so looks like I am sliding into his shoes and taking over the leadership. Yea! Last weekend I gathered up Ron Paul signs and flyers from the group members, loaded them into my car, and made a trip to southern Indiana to visit my niece and her family. They just bought a piano, so I took Maddie (age 12) a book of violin solos with piano accompaniment. Also showed niece Lockie how to coach Maddie on beginning piano. After the kids went to bed, I helped them hide the Easters eggs. Good being with family.

When I left Urbana I still did not have a contact person for the Ron Paul stuff, but Scott came through and I connected with a guy in Indianapolis who allowed me to drop the stuff off at his house while he was at church Sunday morning. Mission accomplished! Afterwards I realized what a true grassroots action this was—the Illinois supporters helping the Indiana supporters all on their own, no connection with the campaign people.

As for the whole Ron Paul saga—and it IS a saga—it’s quite an eye-opener for me to confront that there really is voter fraud going on in the U.S. (Note: I got trained and was an election judge for the Primary. No fraud in OUR polling place!) Our meetup group leader was instrumental in getting Ron Paul to come to the U of I and do a rally. Over 4500 people attended. I was in the 3rd row, about 25 feet away from him. He spoke with no teleprompters and a lot of heart. So even if he does not win the candidacy, a movement is underway that I expect will have some positive influences on the political scene.

Last Thursday night I was able to meet and talk one-on-one with the head of the local Libertarian Party. She also is on the Party Boards at state and national levels, so is a great person to get data about that party.

Yesterday I made up and got printed some little flyers encouraging people to go to and become supporters of the National Retail Sales Tax. I’ll be passing these out at the post office as people go to mail their tax returns, and also at the teaparty rally tomorrow.

While on the one hand I am working to bring sanity to government, on the other I am working on survival/preparedness things. A couple of the Ron Paul supporters own a house walking distance from mine. They have built a geodesic-dome-type greenhouse in their back yard! We’re going to form the nucleus of a Survival Club in this neighborhood.

If you have not already watched the movie on, please do so. It’s 2 hrs 12 minutes, so prepare accordingly. Their suggested solutions seem sane to me.

As for getting back to Clearwater, what with spring coming along, I’ve started to pass out flyers regarding piano lessons. My first student starts next Wednesday. Of course, I continue to run The Affinity Exchange. More on that in my next blog.

The “Small Farm Wannabe” course taught me how much I don’t know about organic farming! Especially enjoyed the field trip to two small farms nearby. Mass to go with the significance! Sue and Tom, my cash/rent farmers, have planted the alfalfa. Now I HAVE to talk about the weather …

So many of my friends live in either California or Florida where the weather does its thing, but seldom does it majorly affect your life and activities. Now when I hear the weather report on the radio, I pay attention. Illinois had a record-breaking mild winter, with 80-degree weather in March. Now, into April, instead of warmth and spring showers, we’d had temperatures below freezing and a drought!! Thus can I lie awake at night worrying about my little alfalfa seedlets.

Having built up quite a reference library on gardening, and having found some people nearby who garden, this coming week I hope to start my own yard garden. I’m strongly encouraging everyone I know to learn how to grow food.

Attended a great concert a couple of weeks ago—Mandy Patinkin and Nathan Gunn, singers. Tonight will hear the Champaign-Urbana Symphony Orchestra with a new lady-friend from the Republican party. There’s way more cultural events here than I possibly have time for, but it’s good havingness.

On Feb. 25th, Paul, the local mission holder, and I and two other guys drove to Cincinnati for the Grand Opening of their new Ideal Org. Lovely! Their chapel is big AND HAS A GRAND PIANO! Guess who needs to get a choir started there?!

Love and best wishes, Marcia