Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Winter of Less Cold and Less Ugly

MARCIA POWELL -- Blog article (#17) – April 12, 2015 –
The Winter of Less Cold and Less Ugly”

A year ago I titled my blog “The Winter of Cold and Ugly.” Fortunately this winter was less severe, and, thanks to last summer's efforts to beautify the property, a little less ugly.

Never has the arrival of spring meant so much to me. For the first time (this lifetime), I planted some bulbs in the fall, and now they are just starting to flower! So exciting! 

In my last blog of November 17, I had spent the summer pulling and mulching the dreaded “superweeds.” Throughout the winter, as I received more truckloads of wood chips, I would “suit up” and spread the mulch over the ½ acre around the house—my personal “playground.” Got inspired one day while mulching and wrote a 3-page humorous essay on the art and science of mulching relating to my B.A. and M.S. degrees. Let me know if you'd like to read it. I'm told it is funny...

One very cold day, a new horse-owning friend brought me a trailer load of horse manure. Had to wait a few weeks until the compost in my two big compost bins unfroze enough to add the manure. Manure is like gold to a farmer!

How's my WPP (Woody Perennial Polyculture)? Looks like most of the plants survived the winter. There are some berry rootstocks that are iffy—I'm waiting to see if some root suckers show up. Last Tuesday, I paid a professional to graft scions (a detached shoot or twig containing buds from a woody plant, used in grafting) onto the fruit trees so that they will bear edible fruit. He then instructed me to pull the mulch away from the rootstocks to prevent fire blight. Yikes! (The pic is of a grafted apple rootstock, with budding berry plants in the background.) 

I donated $15 to the Arbor Foundation and received 10 blue spruce seedlings. Sister Jane and grand-niece Katie helped me plant them down at the pond where they will be sheltered for a year or so; then I will transplant them to my property.

The friendship with Dave Christian did not evolve into a relationship, but we parted good friends. I posted a local ad and currently have a very nice married man renting the master bedroom for 4 nights a week to lessen his commute. I AM now looking for a more permanent companion—either gender—who would enjoy sharing a lifestyle such as mine. If you know anyone, please have them contact me.

Mid March I drove to Clearwater to receive a few days of counseling. Managed to arrive just in time to catch the end of the choir rehearsal. Good to connect with them again. Was able to attend an inspiring graduation event—heard Kelly Preston speak, no less! I'm now set up for the rundowns re survival, which I plan to do next January.

A friend had told me about the book “The Fight for Immortality” by Peter Arthur. I was able to read most of it while in Clearwater, and found it VERY good, especially the way he works truth into it. One of my on-going policies is to support our artists; so I highly recommend you buy it, read it, and then encourage others to as well. Similary with Neal Fox's new DVD and CD entitled “Conspiracy”--truth delivered on the aesthetic wavelength via his songs and art.

Politically, I was one of nine Libertarians in the state who ran for an office in the local elections held on April 7th. Living out in the country, my only option was to run for the Ogden grade school board. My campaigning was pretty low-key--made up my own flyers and delivered them to the houses in Ogden (850) and Royal (350). Introduced myself at the Ogden Village board meeting, and spoke to a dozen people at the seniors' luncheon. Didn't win (only got 9.44% of the votes), but it was a good learning experience and earned me some name recognition in the community. Will probably give it another shot two years from now.

Note that I consider the presidential elections to be pretty much a “dog and pony show,” with the outcome being determined ahead of time by the global elite. Thus I encourage people to concentrate on political matters in their state, county, and city. Strengthening the Libertarian party these days gives those disenchanted with the D's and R's an alternative. The party IS growing, which growth also can influence the platforms of the main parties. Blah-blah... soapbox... blah-blah... :-)

A few months ago I sent some messages to retirement homes about performing, but got no responses—until the end of Feb, when the Windsor of Savoy contacted me about doing an hour's show. I had finally connected with a very good singer only 3 miles away from me, and we worked up some songs. However, at the last moment her back went out. It's an older audience, so I gathered up a bunch of popular songs from earlier eras and played “Name that Tune”--including some back and forth communication between them and me. Fun all around, and the feedback was such that they plan to book me again. Yea!

And, of course, people continue to match up through the Affinity Exchange. See success stories (e.g. Holly and Mike below) on home page: Please refer your friends! 

Hope you all are flourishing and prospering (thriving)!
Please write and give me an update on your adventures.

Love to all, Marcia (217) 582-2112 home (818) 552-2211 cell