Thursday, December 5, 2013


MARCIA POWELL -- Blog article – December 5, 2013 – Moving!

Picking up from my last blog of Sept. 15, a neighbor and I drove 60 miles to take a tour of a 20-acre organic farm. They had cows and pigs in addition to growing produce—even a small food forest and bee hives. Very inspiring! 

I was the first to sign up as a “case study participant” in the Savanna Institute program. Kevin and his team met me at my acreage and we laid out the 6 rows where next spring we will plant 2 acres of food forest. Exciting!

Of course I continue to run The Affinity Exchange. I recently uploaded another six success stories on the home page, Anyone can go there and read them. More to come!

In late September the chairman of our county chapter of the Libertarian Party and I drove to Chicago for the state convention. I learned a lot and got to meet the “players.” One of the speakers was Thomas Woods, a main contributor to the documentary “Nullification.” He is currently working with Ron Paul making videos for Ron's home schooling program. Our chapter continues to show films once a month. We've shown G. Edward Griffin's talk about the REAL war on terror, and, most recently “Take Back Your Power” about the adverse effects of smart meters. Also, my Letter to the Editor about the party got published!

Finally attended a County Board meeting, just to get some reality on them. Met the fellow who will be my representative after I move. You can be sure I'll be getting to know him.

In October, my daughter Ashley and her boyfriend, Ethan, paid us a short visit on their way to Toronto. A neighbor generously loaned me her guitar so Ethan could play for us (he's very good)—which inspired grand-niece Maddie to take up guitar! 

While at sister Jane's, we discovered that they have 3 pear trees loaded with delicious pears, inspiring a pear-picking party. Took what family and friends couldn't use to the local food bank (hate to see good food go to waste!).

Found myself “shucking” some dried green bean pods one evening so that I would have the seeds to plant next spring--felt very “primordial.”

After showing my Urbana house to numerous people (I have to sublet it till August), I finally found a young man who seems like a “perfect match” for the house. Since it was taking longer than I anticipated to finish my Ogden house, I leaned on the interested parties and managed to pull off signing an “Early Occupancy” agreement which allowed me to move on November 12th.  

My wonderful sister Jane came with my grand-niece Katie and helped me pack. There was snow on the ground on moving day, temperature in the 20's! And the new house did not yet have power and heat! I had to sleep at my sister's house (1-1/2 miles away). 

The next day I had to unpack just enough to pack for my next day's trip to Florida. I was prepared with a bread pan, tea candles, and 2 clay pots to heat the house enough to work; but—miracle of miracles—the power company arrived 2 days early and turned on the power, giving me both heat and light. Whew!

Early the next morning I drove to Indianapolis and took a flight to Tampa. Spent the next few days in Clearwater attending the big events for the grand opening of the new building. Was great to be able to take the tour and truly grasp the magnificence of the building—not to mention what will take place in it! 

Enjoyed seeing old friends, making new friends, and meeting with some of the choir members there. Got to stay with my friend, Koreen Brennan, who is a leader in Permaculture (Google it). Also met Bob Lawrason, another permaculture expert, who is going to relocate to Illinois, become my roommate, and help me create my sustainable farm.

Arrived in Indianapolis at midnight and couldn't find my car. I cried. A nice young Latino fellow took pity on me and drove me around till we found it. I tried to be very quiet entering my sister's house at 1:30 a.m., but they forgot and thought I was a burglar. Lucky I didn't get shot!

Up early the next morning to be at my new house when the guy came to hook up my internet. Plumbing still wasn't hooked up, so had to make a trip to Jane's house when nature called. Finally got a message that the guy had come and I wasn't there. I cried. Called the company and told them to tell him to come back. He never arrived. Finally found out he went to the wrong house 3 times. Then I realized I have not yet put up my mailbox, so there was nothing showing the house number. Duh. So the next day I waited all day for him to come, only to find out at the end of the day that all the tech guys were in Gifford repairing the lines that were downed by the killer tornado on the 17th!! (Gifford's only 8 miles north of my place!) Finally on Friday I got hooked up! My laptop allows me to do the irreducible minimum, but only on my desktop can I do everything I need to do.

Plumbing finally got hooked up (yea!); appliances got installed; bought food, and finally started to feel at home. The “a place for everything and everything in its place” project took over a week, particle by particle. Hanging pictures on the wall, and placing my “objets d' art” around added the finishing touches.  

A local public radio station interviewed me (45 min) as the person in charge of the Thrive Movement in Central Illinois. Of course, afterwards I figured out how it could have been better. Overall, even though there are still numerous threats to our survival, I'm feeling more optimistic about the good things that are happening to bring down the “bad guys” and allow us to create a better world.

Hope you all are flourishing and prospering (thriving)!
Please write and give me an update on your adventures.

Love to all, Marcia (217) 582-2112 home (818) 552-2211 cell