Wednesday, December 26, 2018



As many of you know, I was blogging 3 or 4 times a year during my 4-year period in Illinois. My last blog of November 2015 explains why I decided to move to Clearwater, Florida. I hit the ground running, and still am not able to keep up with all my activities. I wanted to find a better blog site, but ran into technical difficulties, so finally decided to go back to my old one so you all won't think I've disappeared off the face of the earth!

Fortunately my long-time L.A. friend, Shellah, had her Clearwater house come up for rent. I grabbed it and moved in! I have one long-term roommate (Linda from Wisconsin), and have had a few different people in the other bedroom.  

I haven't had the time and money to do much “farming” in the yard, but have dug a couple of holes for compost, put in a moringa tree, lemon tree, a few aloe vera plants, some veggie plants in containers, plus a few decorative plants. Grabbed an old tire curbside, “planted” it in my line of sight when I sit at my computer and look out the window, and put some colorful plants in it. My friend Sioux showed me how to plant creeping peanut ground cover between the sidewalk and the street—a work in progress.

Daughter Ashley married her longtime sweetheart, Ethan Pierce, this last July. I flew to Portland for the wedding, which was lovely. Shortly after, they bought a house, so I'm very happy for her/them. Ethan's mother has moved to Portland, so they now have some family there.  

You'll not be surprised to hear that I connected up right away with the Libertarian party affiliate here in Pinellas County. In 2016 I attended the state convention in West Palm Beach and the national convention in Orlando; then the 2018 national convention in New Orleans. I'm getting to know more and more of the “players,” both state and national. Tom Woods is one of my favorites!

My church volunteer activity is, of course, directing the choir. It's not as big here as it was in L.A., and fewer prestigious gigs, but we're growing. Cousin Eric recently sent me the following link (1 minute) of a 3-year-old girl standing behind a choir in rehearsal and directing away. You just KNOW that she was a choral director in her past life! So cute!

After having very short hair for the last 15 years or so, I decided to let it grow out and see what the natural curl would be like in a humid climate (it's not much in a dry climate). It's going through various stages, but at least I'm saving money (I'm not coloring it either!).  

A friend recommended usingwww.thumbtack.comto get more piano students, and it is indeed doing a good job of sending prospects my way. However, they tend to make an initial reach, to which I respond, but then they do not respond back! I'm having to get ever more clever at what to say to get them to connect. Fortunately I'm a persistent cuss! I have about ten now and need to double that! 

Between teaching, my Scientology courses and spiritual counseling, the choir, Libertarian activities, and a little R&R thrown in, life goes on at a breathtaking pace. I apologize for being so out of touch and very much look forward to hearing from you all!

May the rest of your holidays be wonderful!

Love, Marcia
(818) 552-2211
812 Grand Central St, Clearwater, FL 33756

P.S. By the way, there is now a Scientology TV station—accessible on DirectTV 320, or on your computer at Lots of interesting and uplifting content.