Saturday, December 24, 2011

Home Sweet Home

MARCIA POWELL -- Blog article – December 24, 2011

In my last blog of September 23rd , I relayed the good news that I started upper level 5. I did indeed complete that level, which is a big win. However, my resources were not enough to stay and get onto upper levels 6 and 7 (sniff).

As mentioned in my last blog, I did get the Clearwater choir established. By the time I left, the core choir numbered around 25. More people are planning to come aboard in January. Best of all, I found someone who is EXCITED about being the musical director (David Dempster), and someone who is EXCITED about being the Executive Director (and a lead baritone) (Nick Anderson), and someone who is EXCITED about being the choir’s Communicator (Rebecca Weiss, who I first met on the ship in 1971!), and someone who is wearing (maybe not excited, but doing it) the librarian hat (Rick Crites). And Maddie Pfeiffer is not only a lead alto, but also a musical director and in charge of the young persons octet. And Paul Polivnick, a professional orchestra conductor has agreed to help train the musical directors in conducting techniques. What a team!

This choir went from nothing to performance level capability in about ten weeks. Truly a miracle! They are now in communication with the L.A. choir, which is also doing well under the leadership of Anoush Nevart. When the new “mecca” building has its grand opening (probably some time this spring), I/we are postulating that when people tour the building, the choir will be in the chapel singing beautiful music. The choir could number 60-80 people if all the singers in Clearwater are joined by singers from L.A., and other places in the world.

My plan is to be a consultant for choirs in Scientology churches all over the world in relation to how to get started, what to sing, etc.

In addition to making a lot of progress spiritually, I met a lot of wonderful people from all over the world. This makes Marcia, “The Connector,” very happy.

Shellah Garrett is doing a marvelous job of keeping the political forum group going in California. Brett Miller, curiously enough, like me grew up on a farm near Champaign-Urbana, and, like me, is now an upper level Scientologist actually doing something to bring sanity to government. He’s way ahead of me, and an inspiration as to how to go about it. So Florida is in good hands. Now, I’ll have to see what I can do in Illinois.

And, yes, I am now back in central Illinois, currently staying with my sister Jane while looking for a place to live. It’s a 1200 mile drive from Clearwater to Urbana. Left CW around 2 on Tuesday. A major accident occurred south of Gainesville that actually stopped all 3 lanes of traffic. Myself and others sat on the guardrail for nearly an hour, them talking, me reading my book. Stayed at a motel in Valdosta, GA; then on Wednesday, rolled through Macon, Atlanta, Chatanooga, Nashville, Bowling Green, Louisville, and made it to my niece’s house in New Albany, Indiana, by 10 p.m. Slept 9 hours (!), had a good visit, and made it to my sister’s house by 4:00 p.m. She still lives in the remodeled schoolhouse we grew up in, so it is truly Home Sweet Home.

The Indiana gang (4) drove up, so Christmas will be with them, plus my nephew and his wife and 2 daughters, plus my brother-in-law’s sister and husband, making a total of 13! Note that I’m usually in L.A. at Christmas due to all the choir performances, so this is quite a change.

Daughter Ashley completed her 2-1/2 month trip to the Far East (Thailand, Cambodia, South Korea) and is now back in Portland building up her massage therapy business, and, of course, doing some singing for fun.

Now I gotta find a place to live, promote the Affinity Exchange, starting learning how to transition my 20 acres to sustainable farming, help grow the local mission, etc. etc.

To All: Best wishes for wonderful holidays and a new year that is better than the last!

Love to all, Marcia (818) 552-2211 cell