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MARCIA POWELL -- Blog article – December 5, 2013 – Moving!

Picking up from my last blog of Sept. 15, a neighbor and I drove 60 miles to take a tour of a 20-acre organic farm. They had cows and pigs in addition to growing produce—even a small food forest and bee hives. Very inspiring! 

I was the first to sign up as a “case study participant” in the Savanna Institute program. Kevin and his team met me at my acreage and we laid out the 6 rows where next spring we will plant 2 acres of food forest. Exciting!

Of course I continue to run The Affinity Exchange. I recently uploaded another six success stories on the home page, Anyone can go there and read them. More to come!

In late September the chairman of our county chapter of the Libertarian Party and I drove to Chicago for the state convention. I learned a lot and got to meet the “players.” One of the speakers was Thomas Woods, a main contributor to the documentary “Nullification.” He is currently working with Ron Paul making videos for Ron's home schooling program. Our chapter continues to show films once a month. We've shown G. Edward Griffin's talk about the REAL war on terror, and, most recently “Take Back Your Power” about the adverse effects of smart meters. Also, my Letter to the Editor about the party got published!

Finally attended a County Board meeting, just to get some reality on them. Met the fellow who will be my representative after I move. You can be sure I'll be getting to know him.

In October, my daughter Ashley and her boyfriend, Ethan, paid us a short visit on their way to Toronto. A neighbor generously loaned me her guitar so Ethan could play for us (he's very good)—which inspired grand-niece Maddie to take up guitar! 

While at sister Jane's, we discovered that they have 3 pear trees loaded with delicious pears, inspiring a pear-picking party. Took what family and friends couldn't use to the local food bank (hate to see good food go to waste!).

Found myself “shucking” some dried green bean pods one evening so that I would have the seeds to plant next spring--felt very “primordial.”

After showing my Urbana house to numerous people (I have to sublet it till August), I finally found a young man who seems like a “perfect match” for the house. Since it was taking longer than I anticipated to finish my Ogden house, I leaned on the interested parties and managed to pull off signing an “Early Occupancy” agreement which allowed me to move on November 12th.  

My wonderful sister Jane came with my grand-niece Katie and helped me pack. There was snow on the ground on moving day, temperature in the 20's! And the new house did not yet have power and heat! I had to sleep at my sister's house (1-1/2 miles away). 

The next day I had to unpack just enough to pack for my next day's trip to Florida. I was prepared with a bread pan, tea candles, and 2 clay pots to heat the house enough to work; but—miracle of miracles—the power company arrived 2 days early and turned on the power, giving me both heat and light. Whew!

Early the next morning I drove to Indianapolis and took a flight to Tampa. Spent the next few days in Clearwater attending the big events for the grand opening of the new building. Was great to be able to take the tour and truly grasp the magnificence of the building—not to mention what will take place in it! 

Enjoyed seeing old friends, making new friends, and meeting with some of the choir members there. Got to stay with my friend, Koreen Brennan, who is a leader in Permaculture (Google it). Also met Bob Lawrason, another permaculture expert, who is going to relocate to Illinois, become my roommate, and help me create my sustainable farm.

Arrived in Indianapolis at midnight and couldn't find my car. I cried. A nice young Latino fellow took pity on me and drove me around till we found it. I tried to be very quiet entering my sister's house at 1:30 a.m., but they forgot and thought I was a burglar. Lucky I didn't get shot!

Up early the next morning to be at my new house when the guy came to hook up my internet. Plumbing still wasn't hooked up, so had to make a trip to Jane's house when nature called. Finally got a message that the guy had come and I wasn't there. I cried. Called the company and told them to tell him to come back. He never arrived. Finally found out he went to the wrong house 3 times. Then I realized I have not yet put up my mailbox, so there was nothing showing the house number. Duh. So the next day I waited all day for him to come, only to find out at the end of the day that all the tech guys were in Gifford repairing the lines that were downed by the killer tornado on the 17th!! (Gifford's only 8 miles north of my place!) Finally on Friday I got hooked up! My laptop allows me to do the irreducible minimum, but only on my desktop can I do everything I need to do.

Plumbing finally got hooked up (yea!); appliances got installed; bought food, and finally started to feel at home. The “a place for everything and everything in its place” project took over a week, particle by particle. Hanging pictures on the wall, and placing my “objets d' art” around added the finishing touches.  

A local public radio station interviewed me (45 min) as the person in charge of the Thrive Movement in Central Illinois. Of course, afterwards I figured out how it could have been better. Overall, even though there are still numerous threats to our survival, I'm feeling more optimistic about the good things that are happening to bring down the “bad guys” and allow us to create a better world.

Hope you all are flourishing and prospering (thriving)!
Please write and give me an update on your adventures.

Love to all, Marcia (217) 582-2112 home (818) 552-2211 cell

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Summer 2013

MARCIA POWELL -- Blog article (#12) – September 15, 2013

First, the news: The world actually DID end. The government covered it up.

My concern about the world situation continues, but some recent inflow leads me to hope that the “White Hat” coalition may indeed be succeeding in taking down the “Black Hats.” It's still wise to have some food and water stored, just in case.

It was when I first looked at the “TAKE ACTION” part of the website that I noticed that Monsanto headquarters is in St. Louis. Then and there I postulated that if there was ever a protest held there, I would drive down. The opportunity came on May 25th, the worldwide March Against Monsanto day. Six of us drove down and marched with 600 others in the cold drizzle. It was a photo of me with my sign that got picked up on Reuters! Deep breath... 

Also marched in the local July 4th parade with the Moms Against Monsanto group. 
The University is doing a research project on the relation of nutrition and memory. I was chosen because I'm in such good health. After one memory test, the guy looked up and said, “No one has ever gotten it right the first time!” And yet, when I filled out the big long computer questionnaire about what I eat, there was no way to note that I eat ORGANIC! Needless to say, I wrote to the head of the project about this outpoint.

In June a friend and I drove 50 miles north to tour Stelle (www.Midwest and see firsthand a rain garden, aquaponics, and other aspects of sustainable living. So much to learn!

My friend, Lee Kessler, recently published her third book in the White King trilogy, “White King and the Battle of America: The Endgame.” In her well-crafted novel, she presents a solution to the threat of global economic meltdown that is nothing short of brilliant. Please go to Amazon, get it, read it, and promote it to your friends.

In addition to the Affinity Exchange and my 3 music students, I continued to have the part-time job of helping Frank complete his dissertation in soil science. He called me today to say his diploma arrived. Well done, Dr. Hagen! Now just a little more work to create a couple of articles to get published in journals (what every university wants).

My 70th (yikes!) birthday was September 10th. My present to me arrived on September 12th... my new (modular) house! Hope to move in by November 1st. 

Now my next challenge is working out how to get the funds to purchase trees and plants for my food forest. tells about the Woody Perennial Polyculture that is being researched at the University of Illinois. Kevin, who is doing his PhD on this, founded the institute. By signing up as an active participant, he and his team will help design my food forest, will purchase and plant the trees/shrubs/berries, and then do followup consulting. Feels like a good match!

Meanwhile my 2013 yard garden was waaaay better than last year's. I harvested and ate quite a bit of produce, and gave some away. And, most important, learned a lot. 

Finally broke down and purchased my first bike helmet as I'm biking more. Maybe by the time it comes to move (18 miles away), I'll ride my bike out rather than risk it being damaged in a moving van. 

I continue my role as Secretary for the local Libertarian Party. At my urging, we put up a booth at the local Sweet Corn Festival and pulled in 43 new names! I'll be attending the Illinois State Libertarian Party convention next week in Chicago. Meanwhile, I continue to encourage everyone to subscribe to and follow the lead of

In July, Ashley (my daughter) flew to Indianapolis, where I picked her up and we drove to the Outer Banks (Kitty Hawk, NC). Every other summer we join my niece and her family, plus a couple of old family friends, at a big beach house and enjoy a week of beach, sun, swimming, ping-pong, cards, Scrabble, Bananagrams, and lots of visiting. Of course my 16-yr-old nephew beat me at ping-pong, but I made him sweat a couple of times. Thanks to my laptop, I was able to stay current with the business. 

It was great having a lot of time to visit with Ashley. She is a successful licensed massage therapist in Portland, is now living with her boyfriend, and just became the lead singer in a new 3-person band!

Saw Kenneth Branagh's production of Mozart's “Magic Flute” at the local Art theater—quite a work of art! For those of you familiar with the rock group REO Speedwagon, did you know they came from Champaign-Urbana?!

Hope you all are flourishing and prospering (thriving)!
Please write and give me an update on your adventures.

Love to all, Marcia (217) 607-0632 home (818) 552-2211 cell

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Spring (#2) in the Heartland

MARCIA POWELL -- Blog article (#11) – May 5, 2013

Picking up from my last blog of January 12th, (to read earlier blog articles, go to, I am enjoying my 2nd spring in the Heartland. Truly beautiful! 
Duke, my gardening consultant, rigged up a grow light in my little cellar and showed me how to plant seeds into trays. First I let them germinate in my house, then I put them under the grow light, then into the greenhouse where I transplanted them into bigger containers, and, finallh (once the weather was warm enough) transplanted them into the soil. Whew! Labor intensive, but worth it, as I already have a bunch of edible lettuce! Despite the unusual amount of rain here (a relief after last year's drought), I've managed to get some other veggies planted as well. I'm way ahead of where I was last year.

I've put up my “EAT YOUR YARD” sign. Now and then the little kids from the neighboring grade school walk past my place on their way to the nearby junior high. I was out gardening when I heard little voices saying “Eat your yard,” and realized that they will ask their teachers what it means, and (hopefully) share it with their parents.

The project of helping (mostly typing and sentence structure) Frank with his dissertation (soil science) is ongoing, but we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. The pay for this work is helping me pay for all the extra programming that was done for last year's Affinity Exchange merger with FreeSpirit Singles. We've been working together for a year now and it's going well—always more people getting hooked up!

Another big project is getting a house on my property. First I had to solve the problem of getting the mortgage from the house Stephen and I purchased in 1981 (!) off my credit report! Happy to report a done on this. Then I had to complete my taxes so the mortgage banker had official data about my financial scene. Without going into the gory details, I learned that because of the 2008 mortgage debacle, the regulations these days are very stiff (pendulum swing). Even though I had down money set aside, my income is such that they could only loan me a small-ish amount. I was hoping to do a straw bale house, or earth-berm, or something that would make an eco statement; but the banks won't loan money for a non-conventional house! I cried. But it is very important for me to live on my land as soon as possible so I can start creating the sustainable farm.

After a few sessions with the salesman at Riley Homes, we worked out how I can get a modular (manufactured) 3-bedroom home with a 2-car detached garage. I'm hoping things move along such that I can move in no later than October.

In addition to letting the Land Connection organization know I'm looking for a young farmer, I posted a listing on a website out of Iowa that matches landowners with wannabe farmers. If any of you know of a young man with a passion for organic farming, now is the time to connect me with him.

As for my “activist” activities, I attended a 2nd Amendment rally at the state capital in Springfield in January. Wore my “blizzard boots” and Tibetan cap (still a So Cal wuss!). Then again in March I boarded one of 2 buses and again went to Springfield—this time both marched AND lobbied the State legislators re gun rights. A week later, I was back at the capital, this time lobbying for Food and Water Watch—legislation calling for labeling of GMOs, as well as saner laws regarding composting. Right now if Sally across the street threw her produce scraps on my compost pile, we would be in trouble with the law!! That truly made my jaw drop!

Campaigned for a Republican for Mayor of Urbana, but he lost. Always a learning experience, no matter the outcome.

I continue my role as Secretary for the local Libertarian Party. Last night we hosted a showing of the documentary “Nullifcation—the Rightful Remedy” about the 10th amendment. Great film! Now that we know where and how to do this (local library), we can host more movie nights. Enlighten! Enlighten!

Meanwhile, during the cold winter, I noticed feeling lonely now and then. Therefore when someone in the neighborhood posted a notice about giving away their cat, I decided to help her out. Leo is 5 years old, orange and white, longhaired, and very handsome! He stayed under the bed for the first few days, but gradually came out and got oriented. His front paws have been declawed, which is good since he does bat at me now and then. He's gradually getting friendlier. Anyway, I can share the events of the day with him. I always say “Leo, guard the house,” as I leave, and “Hi, Honey, I'm home!” when I return.

What with my continually backlogged emails, my reading is still done in “dead time.” Nevertheless, I manage to get some books read. Amazingly, everything I've read for the last year is by someone I know! My sister Jane (Creason) finished co-authoring the last book my father wrote, entitled “Conspiracy,” which, like his other books, emphasizes the importance of a proper education system. She did a great job! Also highly recommended is “True Tails” by Jon Soeder, who writes about his ability to communicate telepathically with animals. After finishing it, I tracked him down and had a lovely phone conversation with him. And now I'm reading “I Hate to Say Goodbye” by Ruti Ydovich, a long-time friend. It's about her life growing up in Israel, and it is marvelous! All of these books are on

Saw a local production of “My Fair Lady” with my 11-year-old voice student and her mother, which made it even more fun. Saw “The Late Quartet” about a string quartet, and shortly thereafter “Quartet” about an operatic quartet at the local Art theater. So still getting some culture—there's more here than I have time for!

Hope you all are flourishing and prospering (thriving)!
Please write and give me an update on your adventures.

Love to all, Marcia (217) 607-0632 home (818) 552-2211 cell

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Into the New Year (2013)

MARCIA POWELL -- Blog article (#10) – January 12, 2013

Picking up from my last blog of October 30th, (to read earlier blog articles, go to, I am glad all went well in December 2012 and we're all still here to welcome the start of the Age of Aquarius!

The results of the November election did not surprise me. As an election judge, I felt that it was as it should be as far as our work went, but I have no idea what went on further up the line. I was disappointed, but not surprised, that my local candidate did not win. Two days after the election, I attended the meeting, and became the Secretary for, the local Libertarian Party. My attention now is more on bringing sanity to government at the local level.

My friend Duke helped me erect a greenhouse in my yard—more correctly, I helped him. We've strapped it down with a couple of anchor straps, and, so far, it has not blown away. The plan is to start growing seedlings, probably in February. 

Then Duke, who is also my gardening consultant, showed me how to prep the ground for the upcoming growing season. For $100 I got 5 cubic yards (ladies, that's a LOT) of garden compost from the local landscaping recycling center. That led to the purchase of a little red wheelbarrow (almost as fun as a little red wagon!) Had to then mix the compost with the existing dirt, create the raised beds, then cover them with straw for the winter. Learning, learning!

Just before I left L.A., I read about a contemporary opera composer, Daniel Catan, who is composing operas in the style of Puccini—something I had postulated a few years earlier! The university opera company did one his operas, so you can be sure I attended. Very enjoyable, indeed. The local movie theater carries the “Met Opera Live on Screen in Cinemas” productions, so I've seen a couple of those. In December I attended a number of choral concerts, all very good. No lack of culture here in the cornbelt!

A number of months ago I had posted an email to the local neighborhood association about my survival club (Thrive) meetings; then later on I had a letter to the editor published about the good quality of music in town. Signed it Marcia Powell. Realized later I should have signed it Marcia [Swengel] Powell in case anyone would remember me from the 60's. Still, Peggy somehow put the pieces together and wrote and asked if I was in Gaburo's choral group back in '67. We met for breakfast and got re-acquainted. She has since become an attorney, works for the University, and has a lovely house on Pennsylvania Avenue (“professor row”). It was a nice validation that she then later on invited me to her New Years Day party, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Spent 3 enjoyable days of the Thanksgiving holidays with my niece and her family at their beautiful big home in New Albany, Indiana (across the river from Louisville, KY). Went with my sister Jane and her husband. Jane enjoys driving, and I found I was able to sit in the back seat and read a book—a novel by an attorney friend here in Urbana.

Had a date with a fellow from northern Illinois who is an arborist. He drove south and I drove north meeting in the middle for a nice meal and conversation. Liked each other, but found a “fatal flaw”--I will not leave my 20 acres down here, and he will not leave his 40 acres up there. We're both creating good projects on our land, so... fair enough. Had to drive home in a blizzard (went along at 3mph at one point!), which was its own adventure!

Then came a day in mid December where I started helping (for an hourly fee) Frank with his PhD dissertation in soil science. He's a new Scientologist, so wanted to help him do this so he can get work and get a life! Anyway, had to confront a lot of science terminology. Then that same evening, I attended a meeting of the local gun club (my cousin is a member and talked me into going) where a couple of guys did a show and tell about army stuff from the Civil War. MORE misunderstoods! Probably the most MUs in one day in my whole life! (I survived by recognizing and labeling them.)

From that day on, I've spent many many hours working with Frank (still am). My FB posting on 12-25 read: “I can probably safely say that I'm the only one on Planet Earth who spent 4-1/2 hours on Christmas Day helping edit a PhD dissertation on soil contamination in ordnance zones! Fortunately I could do that because Christmas with my family starts tomorrow.” Spent many happy hours with the family for the next 3 days.

As always I do my book reading in “dead time” (stop lights, bank lines, etc). Am currently reading “The Elephant Whisperer” by Lawrence Anthony. It truly is a Must Read—by adults, but especially by kids in high school. It really raises your reality and affinity for animals and nature. “Babylon's Ark” is also great (all found on Amazon).

Affinity Exchange is rolling along, continuing to improve the site. Recent marriages: Wayne and Anel, Alejandro and Thisbe, Ray and Sheri, Jeff and Rosy, Oliver and Carmen. Also shared a success story from Loren and Liz who met through AE years ago and, 10 years later, are continuing to enjoy a stellar marriage.

Ashley continues to earn a reputation as one of Portland's best massages therapists. She is now living with her boyfriend, Ethan (a step closer, maybe, to me becoming a grandma some day?...)

To wrap up, although I do think we're entering into a new and better age, what is uncertain is how much damage the “dark forces” (i.e., the global elite) might effect before they go down; thus I continue to advocate being as prepared as possible for anything, and help others do the same. First priority: STORE FOOD!

Hope you all are flourishing and prospering (thriving)!
Please stay in touch.

Love to all, Marcia (217) 607-0632 home (818) 552-2211 cell