Saturday, January 12, 2013

Into the New Year (2013)

MARCIA POWELL -- Blog article (#10) – January 12, 2013

Picking up from my last blog of October 30th, (to read earlier blog articles, go to, I am glad all went well in December 2012 and we're all still here to welcome the start of the Age of Aquarius!

The results of the November election did not surprise me. As an election judge, I felt that it was as it should be as far as our work went, but I have no idea what went on further up the line. I was disappointed, but not surprised, that my local candidate did not win. Two days after the election, I attended the meeting, and became the Secretary for, the local Libertarian Party. My attention now is more on bringing sanity to government at the local level.

My friend Duke helped me erect a greenhouse in my yard—more correctly, I helped him. We've strapped it down with a couple of anchor straps, and, so far, it has not blown away. The plan is to start growing seedlings, probably in February. 

Then Duke, who is also my gardening consultant, showed me how to prep the ground for the upcoming growing season. For $100 I got 5 cubic yards (ladies, that's a LOT) of garden compost from the local landscaping recycling center. That led to the purchase of a little red wheelbarrow (almost as fun as a little red wagon!) Had to then mix the compost with the existing dirt, create the raised beds, then cover them with straw for the winter. Learning, learning!

Just before I left L.A., I read about a contemporary opera composer, Daniel Catan, who is composing operas in the style of Puccini—something I had postulated a few years earlier! The university opera company did one his operas, so you can be sure I attended. Very enjoyable, indeed. The local movie theater carries the “Met Opera Live on Screen in Cinemas” productions, so I've seen a couple of those. In December I attended a number of choral concerts, all very good. No lack of culture here in the cornbelt!

A number of months ago I had posted an email to the local neighborhood association about my survival club (Thrive) meetings; then later on I had a letter to the editor published about the good quality of music in town. Signed it Marcia Powell. Realized later I should have signed it Marcia [Swengel] Powell in case anyone would remember me from the 60's. Still, Peggy somehow put the pieces together and wrote and asked if I was in Gaburo's choral group back in '67. We met for breakfast and got re-acquainted. She has since become an attorney, works for the University, and has a lovely house on Pennsylvania Avenue (“professor row”). It was a nice validation that she then later on invited me to her New Years Day party, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Spent 3 enjoyable days of the Thanksgiving holidays with my niece and her family at their beautiful big home in New Albany, Indiana (across the river from Louisville, KY). Went with my sister Jane and her husband. Jane enjoys driving, and I found I was able to sit in the back seat and read a book—a novel by an attorney friend here in Urbana.

Had a date with a fellow from northern Illinois who is an arborist. He drove south and I drove north meeting in the middle for a nice meal and conversation. Liked each other, but found a “fatal flaw”--I will not leave my 20 acres down here, and he will not leave his 40 acres up there. We're both creating good projects on our land, so... fair enough. Had to drive home in a blizzard (went along at 3mph at one point!), which was its own adventure!

Then came a day in mid December where I started helping (for an hourly fee) Frank with his PhD dissertation in soil science. He's a new Scientologist, so wanted to help him do this so he can get work and get a life! Anyway, had to confront a lot of science terminology. Then that same evening, I attended a meeting of the local gun club (my cousin is a member and talked me into going) where a couple of guys did a show and tell about army stuff from the Civil War. MORE misunderstoods! Probably the most MUs in one day in my whole life! (I survived by recognizing and labeling them.)

From that day on, I've spent many many hours working with Frank (still am). My FB posting on 12-25 read: “I can probably safely say that I'm the only one on Planet Earth who spent 4-1/2 hours on Christmas Day helping edit a PhD dissertation on soil contamination in ordnance zones! Fortunately I could do that because Christmas with my family starts tomorrow.” Spent many happy hours with the family for the next 3 days.

As always I do my book reading in “dead time” (stop lights, bank lines, etc). Am currently reading “The Elephant Whisperer” by Lawrence Anthony. It truly is a Must Read—by adults, but especially by kids in high school. It really raises your reality and affinity for animals and nature. “Babylon's Ark” is also great (all found on Amazon).

Affinity Exchange is rolling along, continuing to improve the site. Recent marriages: Wayne and Anel, Alejandro and Thisbe, Ray and Sheri, Jeff and Rosy, Oliver and Carmen. Also shared a success story from Loren and Liz who met through AE years ago and, 10 years later, are continuing to enjoy a stellar marriage.

Ashley continues to earn a reputation as one of Portland's best massages therapists. She is now living with her boyfriend, Ethan (a step closer, maybe, to me becoming a grandma some day?...)

To wrap up, although I do think we're entering into a new and better age, what is uncertain is how much damage the “dark forces” (i.e., the global elite) might effect before they go down; thus I continue to advocate being as prepared as possible for anything, and help others do the same. First priority: STORE FOOD!

Hope you all are flourishing and prospering (thriving)!
Please stay in touch.

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