Saturday, November 21, 2015

Leaving the Farm

I want to let everyone know that I am planning to move to Clearwater in early January.  I'll let you all know when the move has occurred.  I thought I was in Illinois to stay, but various factors came together that caused me to change my mind.  Following are my reasons to move:

The next phase of creation to make Lockie Farm a demonstration site for restoration agriculture (ala what Mark Shepard, author of “Restoration Agriculture” is doing) is to add in livestock (cattle, pigs, chickens, etc.) grazing between rows of woody perennial polyculture (chestnut trees, fruit trees, hazelnut shrubs, grapes, and various kinds of berries). I do not have the resources for this next step, but, more importantly, I do not have the interest to do it myself. My basic purpose is more to bring sanity to government.

I recently attended, as did 320 others, an awards dinner for the Prairie Rivers organization where Mark Shepard was the keynote speaker.  During the cocktail hour before the dinner, I managed to speak with Mark for over five minutes.  When I told him I was Case Study #1 with the Savanna Institute, he shook my hand and gave me a great acknowledgement--and then acknowledged me publicly during his speech!  Cool to now personally know "The Man"! 

I have found a young couple who are passionate about restoration agriculture and interested in furthering the creation of Lockie Farm.  Therin and Abby (see photo) will rent the house and continue to nurture the 5 rows of Woody Perennial Polyculture and 323 hazelnut shrubs around the perimeter.  They will be growing lots of food on the 1/2 acre around the house, including planting into the hugelkultur beds.  They'll likely get chickens going in spring. 

I will be leasing the remaining 20 acres to Kevin, my mentor, who will plant more rows of trees/shrubs/berries leading to the creation of silvopasture, with livestock grazing between the rows. 

The next courses (many) I need to do in Scientology are only offered in Clearwater, Florida, so it makes sense to move there. 

I'd like to work more closely with the computer person for The Affinity Exchange, who lives in Clearwater; plus there are more chances for expanding that business by living there. 

When I was in Clearwater in 2011, I started the Scientology Choir there. I would probably pick up the directorship again, which would be enjoyable. 

The Libertarian Party is pretty strong in Florida, so I would volunteer with them to further my interest in bringing sanity to government. 

Hopefully, it will be easier for me to find a “mate” while in Clearwater. 

AND... it'll be easier to stay in touch with all my friends from everywhere since so many people go to Clearwater! 

To my Clearwater friends:  I'm looking to rent a room, or share a house, ideally in a house with a yard that has, or could have, a garden.  If you have any leads, let me know.
Love to all, Marcia Powell
(818) 552-2211   (cell)

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